Terrific Lash & Brow Tinting

Long-Lasting Drama for Your eyes. For beautiful lashes and brows, try my quick and easy tinting. In practically no time you can have gorgeous lashes and brows in the perfect shade for you, from seven standard shades to countless custom variations. Lash tinting is so simple it can even be done while you’re having another treatment.
Lash plus brow tinting price        $65.00
Lash tint price                       $35.00
Brow tint price                       $35.00

​Luscious Lashes
Now you can enjoy the look of long, luscious lashes without the hassle of eye-pinching curlers.
First, perm is applied at the base of your lashes. Next, your lashes are carefully placed on a roller, dabbed with perm lotion, and allowed to set. It’s that simple-perfect curls, every time.

Aloe and other nourishing ingredients prevent lashes from becoming dry or brittle, keeping them luxuriant for weeks.
Eye lash perm price               $40.00

Nail Services

Gel polish that has zero dry time, and can stay perfectly finished, up to 14-days!! It’s really awesome, when you are going on vacation and really want your manicure to last and now it can with gel polishes. 

Manicure w/Pedicure                     $65.00
Manicure w/Mini Pedicure             $45.00
Manicure                                       $25.00
Manicure w/Gel Polish                   $35.00
Spa Pedicure                                 $55.00
Pedicure                                        $45.00

Mini Pedicure                                $25.00
French or Design                          $5.00 extra
Gel Polish add on                          $10.00 extra