And Guys...

Having the confidence taking off your shirt any time, no worries of hair stubble's from the night or early morning shave!!!

 Imagine perfect shaped eyebrows... Underarms and legs stubble free, no Hair for weeks!!!

Let's not forget lady's feeling sexy and being ready for anything after having a Brazilian bikini wax!

No more razor Irritation!!!


Does Bikini or Brazilian Waxing hurt?
Bikini and Brazilian waxing is an uncomfortable procedure, but I take measures to make it as painless as possible. I have advanced training and I will use the best products and techniques. I suggest taking a couple of Ibuprofen 15-30 minutes before your appointment.

How long does the hair have to be, to be waxed?
At least 10-days growth or about as long as a eyelash. Occasionally a touch-up wax is needed, about

3-weeks or so later to clean up hairs that were too short from shaving. The more times you wax, the more the hair will thin out and grow less.

How long does waxing last?
Depending on the growth rate of your hair, it will take 3-to-6-weeks to grow back.
Regular waxing, weakens the follicle and depresses hair growth. Thick coarse hair becomes softer, finer and weaker. I recommend you book your wax appointments every 3-to-4-weeks.

How should I prepare for a wax service?

You want to exfoliate the area with a sugar exfoliate the day before treatment, to slough off dead skin-cells and to helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Continue to exfoliate 24-to-48-hours after your wax treatment. Avoid sun, working-out and chlorine the day of your appointment to avoid any irritation.

Are there medications or products that could interfere with my waxing service?
YES!!! I need to know if you have any skin conditions or allergies. Need to know if you use any prescription medications such as Accutane, Retin-A, Antibiotics, Coumadin, or any other medications that may cause excessive skin sensitivities. If you are using age defying moisturizers, acne treatments or products containing Retinol, Please... Please let me know.

Brazilian        $65
Bikini              $45
Eye Brow       $15
Lip/Chin        $15 
Full Face       $45 
Ears              $10 
Nose             $10 

Side burns    $15

Toes               $15
Full Arm         $45 and up 
1/2 Arm         $30 and up
Full Leg          $60 and up
1/2 Leg          $45 and up
Back               $55 and up
Chest              $35 and up
Underarm      $25 
Stomach        $15
If you purchase any 3 of Waxing services in a package you will save 20% off 

Intimate Brighting Specialty Treatment

Intimate 'Body' Brighting Treatments has become very popular over the past few years. More and more individuals are now becoming more in-touch with their skin's beauty and want to make intimate moments more enjoyable instead of feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with certain areas of the body due to dark discolored intimate areas.

Underarms Brightening Treatment  $65

Bikini and Chest Brighting Treatment $95

Brazilian Brighting Treatment $125

Buy 3 treatments and get 25% off and 15% off home-care treatment kit

Home-care kit $150.50 (Very important to continue with home-care to restore PH levels and repair tissue).